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Creative Blue Monster Racing Main Group (OPEN)

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Masters Nationals registration is open. Discount fee deadline is July 21st.

  • Kyle Glerum

  • Otto Nebel

    Anyone racing the final CBR Sunday? Dash for cash in the P12 event. $50 per lap I think.

  • Saturday was the SCNCA State Championship TTT and we took 2nd place! It was gut wrenching to hear that we were within 11secs from the Win but very proud of my teammate and friend Jean Tawekjian.

  • Matt Pyke
    Brian Zimny

    Dan Bryant and Dan Martin got 2nd and 3rd in the 50-54 Cheaha Challenge Worlds Qualifier. Jason Boynton got 4th. All three qualified for worlds.

    In the 45-49 Cheaha Challenge, Jonathan Eropkin got 7th and Brian Zimny got 8th. Both qualified for Worlds!

  • SC
    Steve Remy


    The group is for any paid member for 2023. Feel free to ask ...

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