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Creative Blue Monster Racing Main Group (OPEN)

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If anyone is bored at work on a friday and wants to watch team results come in (starting at 11:20am)... the Golden State Omnium in Sacramento starts today with a 6 mile time trial on the American River Bike Trail. Not all of us are doing the TT but we do have:

Kyle Glerum - 50+

Steve Remy - 50+

Scott Cox - 50+

Matt Pyke - 40+

Carlos Casali - 40+

Jonathan Eropkin - 40+

Jason Meidhof - 40+

Criterium Saturday and Circuit Race Sunday we have BIG teams representing in this National Masters Cup race. Looking forward to turning some cranks in anger this weekend with new teammates.

  • Kyle Glerum
    Matt Pyke


    The group is for any paid member for 2023. Feel free to ask ...

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