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Creative Blue Monster Racing Main Group (OPEN)

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Now Open to all Group Members:

I am taking orders at my wholesale price. Many of you have tried these amazing salts. They taste great and the contents are pure and plenty with just the right stuff. I don't ride without it. It does wonders for too much alcohol consumption as well. All the fruit flavors taste great. No on the chocolate, Raw. Suggested Retail Price‍

  • 30-count box of any one flavor: $45 ($27.50 our cost)

  • 12-count Variety Pack: $20 ($13 our cost)

  • Minimum Orders - We must hit the minimum $ amount to order with these prices, so stock up now. The minimum order at checkout is $270($ 540 retail value). Note that Value Bundles and subscriptions do not qualify for wholesale pricing. Email me back what you want, you pay thru Venmo adding taxes and shipping which I'll calculate for you. They send it to me and I'll ship it back out to you.

  • Matt Pyke


    The group is for any paid member for 2023. Feel free to ask ...

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