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Creative Blue Monster Racing Main Group (OPEN)

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Team water bottle order. We are taking orders for our next batch of Specialized Purist Team bottles, 26oz bigmouth lids. We have to order 100 at a time so we are taking orders now.

Cost $8 ea + shipping (This is about $4 cheaper than a normal plain retail bottle.

ONLY if you are interested. READ THE INSTRUCTIONS BELOW!

Respond to this post with how many and the color you want. If we can reach 200 bottles ordered, we will order each color. If we only get to 100, we will order the green bottles first.

Once we hit our order goal, I will put in the order and they will ship to me. Then I'll send out the orders. I'll ask for payment once we close the order.


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    The group is for any paid member for 2023. Feel free to ask ...

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