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Membership Denial or Cancellation Clause:

Monster Racing Team reserves the right to deny or cancel membership to any individual, without providing a reason. This includes individuals who have signed up on the website or are actively participating in racing events organized or associated with Monster Racing Team. The decision to deny or cancel membership is final and not subject to appeal.

Reasons for denial or cancellation may include but are not limited to, violation of team rules, breach of code of conduct, engaging in unsportsmanlike behavior, or any action deemed contrary to the values and objectives of Monster Racing Team.

Memberships may also be denied or canceled based on information discovered post-registration or post-acceptance. Monster Racing Team reserves the right to conduct ongoing assessments of its members to ensure alignment with team values and standards.

In the event of denial or cancellation, any associated fees or dues paid by the member shall not be refunded. Monster Racing Team is not obligated to disclose specific reasons for denial or cancellation.

By signing up for membership or participating in any Monster Racing Team events, individuals acknowledge and agree to abide by the team's rules, code of conduct, and any decisions made by Monster Racing Team about membership status.

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