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About Us:
The main purpose of the Monster Racing Team is to develop and grow the sport of cycling. Development of underserved groups throughout the recreational cycling and racing scene.
Our Mission is to create the most powerful engaged cycling and running athlete network, globally. With a focus on the cultivation and enjoyment of healthy, competitive sport.
Our Vision is to grow the popularity and credibility of our sports for the benefit of individuals, communities, and brands looking to have a deeper relationship between our sports and their roots.

The team is the first-ever global-focused endurance sports team with the primary function of being a marketing agency in pursuit of fostering healthy competitive sports for the mutual benefit of athletes, partners, and communities. Unlike any other team in existence, Monster Racing Team will act in accord with its mission to create the most viable platform for brands interested in connecting with avid cycling enthusiasts on a national basis. The team’s partners, all of whom are enlivened by the unique distribution opportunities offered by the national footprint of Monster Racing's vision, include NorCal Remodeling Group Hawaii Epic Cycling, Shimano, Ergogenic Sports Nutrition, Lazer, Ride 100% Eyewear, Wend Wax, and a host of other supporting sponsors.

We are eternally grateful for the support of our partners, without whom we could not pursue our vision of growing the sport of our endurance sports programs.

Monster Racing Team is an IRS 501(c)3, Nonprofit Charity, State/Federal Tax ID 86-2362308

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